damping sheets

Basics of Damping Techniques to Control Noise

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Reducing noise pollution is key for most construction sites. Reducing sound not only benefits the surrounding community, but also, on-site workers. Noise pollution might lack the visual impact of growing landfills and dwindling environment does for other types of pollution, but it too has a lasting impact. There are various methods, which when employed, can […]

Noise Barriers

Minimizing the Impact of High Noise at Construction Sites

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Noise pollution is a real concern. It can come from a variety of sources including loud music, highway traffic, and construction sites. While it might not be something that comes to mind, unless you live near the source, it poses real health dangers. It has been documented, by several University studies, loud noise can not […]

Sound Proofing

Sound Barriers in Different Scenarios

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Sound barriers can greatly decrease noise in both indoor and outdoor environments. Sound barriers can be constructed with various materials, including fiberglass, vinyl, and more. Some sound barriers are versatile, meaning they can be used in any scenario. At IES2000, we design sound barriers that are versatile, functional, stylish, and built to last. Our Sound […]

HVAC duct silencers

Different Ways to Soundproof Air Ducts

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If you are reading this, you’re likely looking for different air duct soundproofing methods. Soundproofing is the process of reducing or eliminating noise and vibrations inside or outside a building. Like many experiences in life, there are many ways to soundproof air ducts. Methods include: Air Duct Silencers Louvers Acoustic Vents Updating the HVAC System […]

noise reduction enclosure

How Acoustic Enclosures Improve Working Environments

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Your working environment should be protected against loud noise. Loud noise in the working environment is considered 85 decibels or higher. This loud noise can come from busy highways, industrial machinery, HVAC systems, generators, warehouses, and more. It is important to find where the loud noise is coming from and find a solution to reduce […]

Sound Curtains

Soundproofing Blankets: How Do They Actually Work?

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Some may be skeptical as to whether soundproofing blankets really work or not. If they are made with the right materials, soundproofing blankets do actually work! What materials should be used to create a truly soundproof blanket? Find out below! What Is a Soundproof Blanket? A soundproof blanket, also known as a sound barrier blanket, […]

outdoor sound barrier panels

How Sound Barriers Play a Vital Role in Reducing Industrial Noise

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Industrial noise is expected when you work somewhere with a lot of machinery. These machines have many moving pieces that allow it to operate, resulting in loud noise. It can be challenging to work in an environment with a lot of excess, loud noise. It is vital to invest in sound barriers that reduce industrial […]

acoustical windows

Soundproofing Techniques for Doors and Windows

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When it comes to soundproofing, there are various techniques to soundproof doors and windows. Soundproofing your business has many benefits, such as increasing productivity, reducing stress levels, increasing property value, and comfortability. However, you must first choose a technique and apply it to your doors and windows. What are some of the ways you can […]


Reducing the Risk of High Noise Levels in Industrial Facilities

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Working in an industrial facility comes with many risks. Some of those risks can be mitigated, like exposure to high noise levels. Did you know that 22 million workers are exposed to damaging levels of high noise each year? Noise at 85 decibels or higher can cause hearing loss and can distract workers easier, which […]

HVAC duct silencers

How to Resolve Noisy Air Ducts?

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Noisy air ducts are disruptive to the working environment. Think about the last time you were working and heard a constant whistling noise or the sound of wind traveling through your office. Those are the sounds of a noisy air duct. In order to reduce the sound of a noisy air duct, you should consider […]