IES-2000 provides a full range of architectural sound products designed to create acoustically balanced indoor and outdoor spaces. Our products see wide use in the construction and architectural acoustic design fields, and architects across America rely on us to create quality sound solutions for a variety of projects.

Our Architectural Sound Products

We offer products designed to enhance the acoustics of any architectural application. Depending on their intended use, our products can create acoustically balanced internal and external spaces. 

Our offerings include:

  • Acoustical doors: We distribute factory-assembled Acousti-Doors that insulate sound within your space without impeding their ability to act as efficient entryways.
  • Acoustical windows: We supply factory-assembled Acousti-Windows in both fixed-frame or split-frame configurations, and we can also tailor the liner panels, glazing, and glass stops to your application’s needs
  • Baffles: We offer ceiling baffles in a variety of colors and designs that can reduce ambient noise up to 10 dB. These lightweight, self-supporting sheets come with FDA approval and provide optimal acoustic environments over the entire reverberant area.
  • Banners: Our standard and sailcloth sound-absorption banners come in a variety of colors and designs. Our sailcloth banners come with NRC ratings of 11.0 per 4’ × 2’ banner as well as ASTM E84 Class A ratings.
  • Ceiling tiles: We provide up to 30 different sound-proofing ceiling tiles from brands including SONEX, SQUARELINE, and WoodTrends and from materials including wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Wall panels/decorative panels: We custom design and install many types of fabric wall panels to reduce reverberant noise in internal environments. These Class A fire-rated panels can be installed either during or after initial construction, and they come in a wide selection of finishes, color options, and fabrics.

IES-2000 has provided quality noise-control solutions across the country for decades. We’re a proud member of ISNetworld and Ariba.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our product offerings or installation services.