IES-2000 offers a wide range of noise-control products that reduce noise pollution in outdoor construction operations.  We carefully design each of our outdoor construction soundproofing and noise-control products to help customers meet their noise-control goals. Our focus on customer service ensures that our clients have support throughout the entire project to keep all processes running smoothly.

Outdoor Construction Products

OSHA, ANSI, and many state regulatory bodies have put forth regulations to ensure that construction companies control noise pollution at construction sites. Measures must be taken to conserve the hearing of construction workers and any others affected by noise generated from a construction site.

IES 2000 offers a wide range of standard products to help outdoor construction operations combat noise pollution. We also possess the capability to design and engineer custom solutions for your noise-control issues. Our outdoor construction products include:

  • Acoustic curtains: We have developed heavy-duty acoustic sound curtains ideal for providing sound absorption around construction sites and other noisy community areas. These curtains come in a variety of configurations, from small frame-mounted curtains for use with smaller noise generators such as jackhammers or generators to large curtains that can be hung from overhead infrastructure or on concrete barriers to reduce community noise from specific site areas. These UV-resistant curtains are reusable, easy to install, and suitable for temporary or long-term use. 
  • Outdoor barrier walls: Our barrier walls provide a sound barrier between noisy construction sites and populated areas. We have designed our barrier walls to protect areas of all sizes – both indoor and outdoor – that range from one section of a building to an entire neighborhood. Our design services for these weather- and graffiti-resistant sound barriers include layout, steel support framework, access doors, and foundation design for ground-level barriers.
  • Silencers: We design and manufacture a wide range of vent silencers for industrial equipment, including compressor and steam boiler blow offs, steam ejectors, natural gas blow downs, start-gas and process vents, engine intake/exhaust (including filters), high-pressure gas vents, and turbine exhaust systems. We custom design and fabricate each solution to match the unique needs of your application.
  • Modular systems: Our modular acoustical enclosures can handle noise problems of any size. The modular nature of these systems means that they can be used as small enclosures and can scale up to address noise issues in operations of any size. Our experienced team will help you design a modular system that is perfect for your needs, and we can incorporate a wide range of customizations.

If your construction project struggles with noise pollution, our expert team can help you design a perfect solution to address your problem. For more information about outdoor construction soundproofing, please Contact us