If you are reading this, you’re likely looking for different air duct soundproofing methods. Soundproofing is the process of reducing or eliminating noise and vibrations inside or outside a building. Like many experiences in life, there are many ways to soundproof air ducts. Methods include:

  • Air Duct Silencers
  • Louvers
  • Acoustic Vents
  • Updating the HVAC System

These 4 methods are explained in further detail below.

Air Duct Silencers

Air duct silencers are a tried-and-true method to prevent unwanted noise in air ducts. An air duct noise silencer is designed to provide the maximum noise reduction that can be obtained in a short depth. These silencers are installed directly on the fan inside the HVAC system. Air has to travel through the silencer before it can leave the air duct, which greatly reduces noise.

Air duct silencers can be used in many installations, such as:

  • Mechanical equipment
  • Fresh air intakes for ventilation systems
  • Processing air intakes
  • Cooling tower inlets
  • Exhausts
  • And much more

A vent noise silencer can provide a range of acoustical performance and pressure-drop requirements. They are also ideal for situations that need low levels of air resistance and high degrees of sound reduction.


Air vent louvers help reduce noise by literally cutting through it. Louvers can also direct airflow in different directions. Air vent louvers come in many different colors, sizes, and configurations to fit different HVAC systems. The type of louver you choose can either stand out or blend in with your color scheme.

Industrial air vent louvers are typically made from aluminum or galvanized steel, as metal is tough and durable. Aluminum is lightweight, and steel is less-likely to rust over time. The materials you choose for your louvers should be fire-resistant and temperature-resistant, as well.

Acoustic Vents

Acoustic vents are air vents that have acoustic noise reducers built into the unit. The entire unit fits inside the HVAC air vent and prevents noise penetration without reducing airflow. Unfortunately, these types of air vents are not available outside of the UK. They also only reduce noise in one room. If you want to completely soundproof a building, you’ll have to buy more than one unit. That can be expensive. The units may also need frequent maintenance.

Update HVAC System

One final method to reduce noise in ducts is to update your HVAC system. If your system is outdated, the fans and motors are likely run-down, damaged, or broken. A failing HVAC system is a huge contributor to excess air duct noise. Updating your HVAC system can greatly reduce noise in the air ducts.

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