Some may be skeptical as to whether soundproofing blankets really work or not. If they are made with the right materials, soundproofing blankets do actually work! What materials should be used to create a truly soundproof blanket? Find out below!

What Is a Soundproof Blanket?

A soundproof blanket, also known as a sound barrier blanket, is a sheet of quilted materials that absorb sound. The blanket can be laid over loud pieces of machinery or hung around the machinery if laying it down isn’t an option. The blanket then absorbs the sound from the machinery, which significantly reduces excess noise in any environment.

What Materials Absorb Sound?

There are many different materials that can absorb sound. A sound insulation blanket will have insulative material inside, like fiberglass which has proven to absorb industrial sound the best. The fiberglass sound insulation is then coated with either vinyl or silicone and covered with either a fiberglass cloth facing or a non-porous scrim facing. All of these materials work together to create the best soundproofing blanket you can find on the market.

Important Features of Soundproofing Blankets

The sound barrier blanket you choose should also include some important features. Soundproof blankets should be fire rated. The last thing you want is your soundproof blanket catching on fire because the machinery it’s laying on is too hot. Your blanket should also be 1-2 inches thick to provide the best sound barrier.

Which Soundproof Blanket Should You Buy?

If you don’t want to spend the time searching online for the right soundproof blanket, you should visit the IES2000 website. At IES2000, we specialize in soundproof products and work with a team of experts to ensure our products block out the most noise possible for the best price.

We have many different options available for our soundproofing blankets, including different thickness and materials. Our soundproof blankets are all filled with fiberglass batting. Some of our blankets can be coated with silicone, but the majority are coated with vinyl. Blankets come in either straight-stitch or diamond-stitch patterns.

Our soundproof blankets can be used in many ways. Typically, they are used to reduce sound and reverberations in any given area. They can be laid on a piece of machinery, or hung on walls. Our blankets can also be used to supplement plywood structures on job sites to improve the transmission loss of the wood as well as to reduce reflected noise on the construction side. Silicone faced quilted fiberglass absorbers are typically used to reduce reverberant noise energy within a piece of equipment, room, or building where the product may be subjected to high temperature, sunlight, water, or oil.

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