Acoustic Enclosures:

The IES-2000, Inc. modular system provide guaranteed acoustical performance and are easy to install, move or reconfigure. IES-2000, Inc. technical support personnel and representatives have the experience necessary to assist you in the design, supply and installation of your noise control solution. >> Read more

Acoustic Curtains:

Acoustical curtains are used to reduce the reflection of sound waves or reverberant noise energy within a piece of equipment, a room or a building for indoor and outdoor applications. >> Read more

Acoustic Outdoor Barrier Walls:

Barrier Walls are generally installed where a sound barrier is needed between a noise source and a target population. Whether indoor or out, absorptive noise control barriers provide maximum noise reduction with lightweight modular panels and/or louvers. >> Read more

OEM Enclosures:

IES-2000, Inc. has the ability to design solutions for OEMs utilizing a variety of different products to ensure that their products will meet the required noise levels and maintain the aesthetics, access and functionality of the equipment for the end user. >> Read more

Outdoor Sound Curtains:

Our Outdoor Sound Curtains can be used for both active Construction Sites and for many different Community Noise situations. They can be used in conjunction with a chain link fence to surround a noisy area or to line a noisy building, and at IES-2000, we can design a solution to meet your design specifications. >> Read more

Acoustic Doors & Windows:

All of our Acousti-Door noise control doors and Acousti-Windows are manufactured to meet your unique needs and applications by noise control door specialists in the United States. >> Read more

Damping Sheets & Compounds:

Damping sheets are self-adhesive pads used for sound and vibration damping on metal panels in applications including buses, railroad cars, ships, generator enclosures and hoppers. Damping compounds impart vibration damping in applications requiring superior flame and smoke resistant materials. >> Read more

Duct Lagging:

Duct lagging is typically used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to help block the noise created by the contents moving through the pipes. Duct lagging can provide thermal insulation as well as noise reduction. >> Read more

Silencers & Louvers:

Vent silencers, blow-down silencers and louvers are ideal when noise suppression is needed for natural gas blow downs, gas turbine exhaust, steam ejectors and venting of high pressure gas into the atmosphere. >> Read more

Fabric Panels/Ceiling Products:

Wall Panels are the ideal solution for new construction or renovation in spaces with reverberant noise problems. Our lightweight custom panels can be easily installed on wall or ceiling applications, and are available in standard sizes or can be customized to meet specific design criteria. >> Read more

Acoustic Foams:

Acoustic foams are available in a variety of materials including composite, melamine and polyurethane providing high transmission loss, noise reduction and damping in a wide variety of applications. >> Read more

Industrial Noise Control Engineering:

IES-2000 has been assisting clients resolve their noise control issues with acoustical engineering for over 20 years, whether it is providing compliance with new equipment specifications pertaining to noise levels, feasibility studies, workplace noise exposure monitoring and community noise studies. >> Read more

Acoustic Blankets & Rolls: Quilted Fiberglass:

Quilted fiberglass blankets and rolls are typically applied as acoustical liners or sound absorption panels. Acoustic blankets and rolls reduce the reflection of sound waves or reverberant noise energy within a piece of equipment, a room or a building. >> Read more