Acoustical Services

Whether your workplace is a heavy industrial facility or a corporate office, excessive noise can be dangerous and distracting. At IES-2000, LLC we provide acoustical engineering services that help create a comfortable working environment. We have experienced noise control and acoustical engineering consultants that understand the challenges of achieving an acoustic environment by providing acoustical engineering services that enhance safety and improve productivity. To solve any noise issue, you should first understand the basics of how sound works. Our acoustic consultants can assist you in managing and controlling noise and vibration in your warehouse, workplace, and other environments.

Controlling Sound

You can control sound in three ways: source/receiver, path and/or room acoustics.

  • Source/Receiver: Develop solution to reduce the noise being propagated from the source (most effective) or at the receiver. These solutions can range from barrier walls to enclosures.
  • Path: Typically implementing a solution of this type will isolate a noisy area of a facility from the quieter area of the plant to mitigate noise exposures of the employees in the quieter areas.
  • Room Acoustics: Is typically utilized in situations where areas of facilities that are very reverberant and need absorption panels/baffles to reduce the reverberant sound. Typically, acoustical engineers will run calculations to determine the amount of absorption necessary in the space to maximize the effectiveness of the sound absorption panels.
  • Acoustic Doors & Windows

    Acoustic Windows

    The Acousti – Window is completely factory assembled including the installation of liner panels (powder-coated perforated steel of fabric), glazing and glass stops. The result is an acoustic window that leaves the factory truly ready to install.

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    Acoustic Enclosures

    Our standard Acoustical/Thermal Panels are fabricated with an 18 gauge G90 galvanized solid steel outer skin, and 16 gauge galvanized solid steel channel frames filled with mineral-glass fiber acoustic/thermal fill.

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  • OEM Products

    Industrial Noise Control Products

    IES-2000 provides industrial noise control solutions to reduce excessive sound and vibrations in facilities across the manufacturing spectrum.

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  • Architectural Products

    Architectural Sound Products

    IES-2000 provides a full range of architectural sound products designed to create acoustically balanced indoor and outdoor spaces.

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  • Outdoor / Construction / Pipeline

    Outdoor/Construction Noise Control

    IES-2000 offers a wide range of noise-control products that reduce noise pollution in outdoor construction operations.

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