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Minimizing the Impact of High Noise at Construction Sites

Noise pollution is a real concern. It can come from a variety of sources including loud music, highway traffic, and construction sites. While it might not be something that comes to mind, unless you live near the source, it poses real health dangers. It has been documented, by several University studies, loud noise can not only raise blood pressure in adults.

Noise is an unfortunate bi-product of the construction business. The good news is there are various ways to cut down the noise levels at the job site. Outdoor sound barrier panels are just one way.

What Are Some of the Effects of Noise Pollution?

While many people might realize long-term exposure to noise pollution could potentially damage their hearing, many fail to realize there are other issues as well. The three biggest concerns of noise pollution are listed below.

  • Hearing Loss
  • Negative Long-Term Health Issues
  • Lost productivity

Noise induced hearing loss, or NIHL, can occur when exposed to high levels of noise. The damage is irreversible and permanent. Long-term health issues can include heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, and sleep disturbances.

Ways to Control Noise

There are generally considered two ways to help control noise.

  • Engineering Controls
  • Administrative Controls

Engineering Controls to Reduce Sound

  • Utilizing Low-Noise Machinery
  • Proper Machinery Maintenance
  • Utilize Sound Barrier Walls

Administrative Controls to Reduce Noise Levels

  • Operating Machinery When Fewer People are Around
  • Limiting Amount of Exposure to on-site Personnel
  • Offering Areas Where Workers Can Get Relief from Noise Levels

Ways to Reduce Job Site Noise

While it may seem like a massive undertaking, with IES-2000, we can walk you through the best ways to manage noise. Listed below are several important considerations:

  • Cover Metal Wheels with Rubber
  • Use Outdoor Acoustic Barrier
  • Use Sound Absorbing Material
  • Maintain Equipment

Covering metal wheels, tables, and other equipment, with rubber, can greatly reduce the amount of impact noise produced. On-site modification of metal parts can reduce rattle and vibration. Using outdoor sound barrier panels greatly reduces the amount of noise exposure to both workers and the community. Wood, metal, and concrete surfaces should be covered with absorptive material to cut down on the amount of sound reflection.

With IES-2000 at your side, we can help reduce noise pollution at your construction site. Find out how by contacting us today.

Sound Barriers in Different Scenarios

Sound barriers can greatly decrease noise in both indoor and outdoor environments. Sound barriers can be constructed with various materials, including fiberglass, vinyl, and more. Some sound barriers are versatile, meaning they can be used in any scenario. At IES2000, we design sound barriers that are versatile, functional, stylish, and built to last.

Our Sound Barriers

At IES2000, we offer 4 different types of flexible sound barriers with quilted fiberglass panels. Our barriers are:

  • 1BC Noise Barriers
  • 1BNR Noise Barriers
  • 1BR Noise Barriers
  • And 2BNR Noise Barriers

1BC noise barriers are transparent, poly-vinyl chloride barriers that reduce noise, wind, and thermal-energy. 1BNR noise barriers are non-reinforced loaded vinyl barriers that reduce the transmission of noise through walls, ceilings, and floors. 1BR noise barriers are reinforced loaded vinyl barriers that offer maximum tear strength and durability. 2BNR noise barriers are non-reinforced vinyl barriers that offer greater noise reduction than 1BNR barriers.

Our sound barriers can be used in many scenarios, such as construction projects, music events, and in noisy HVAC systems.

Construction Sound Blankets

Sound barriers can be used in construction to drastically reduce noise. Construction sites are loud, and noise on the site often exceeds 85 decibels. This level of noise is damaging to ear health and can cause major distractions. Sound barriers can be hung on the frame or walls at a construction site to prevent loud noise from carrying either inside or outside a building, as well as prevent loud echoes.

Sound barriers can also be hung near large pieces of construction equipment, like generators, air compressors, etc., to prevent sound and vibrations from traveling.

Music Sound Barriers

At a concert, music is typically very loud, often higher than 85 decibels. Sound barriers can be hung on the sides of the stage and behind the stage to reduce the echo and improve the audience’s experience. It is important that the musicians on stage do not suffer from ear pain during the concert. Sound barriers help keep the musicians safe.

Noisy HVAC Systems

If you’re having trouble with a noisy HVAC system, a sound barrier blanket with a quilted fiberglass panel can help. Our sound barrier blankets can withstand many extreme outdoor conditions, making them the perfect choice for larger outdoor HVAC systems. Barrier panels can be installed around your HVAC system to reduce excess loud noise and excess vibration.

Our sound barriers are available in rolls starting at 48” wide and up to 60’ long. They are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install. All of our products have been tested by soundproofing experts to ensure they meet standard safety and design requirements.

For more details about our sound barriers, please check out our website or contact us today!

How Sound Barriers Play a Vital Role in Reducing Industrial Noise

Industrial noise is expected when you work somewhere with a lot of machinery. These machines have many moving pieces that allow it to operate, resulting in loud noise. It can be challenging to work in an environment with a lot of excess, loud noise. It is vital to invest in sound barriers that reduce industrial noise in order to create a quieter working environment.

Different types of sound barriers exist, such as outdoor sound barrier panels and sound barrier walls, that can help block out excess or loud noise. Sound barriers are panels of sound-absorbing materials that can help reduce the amount of noise and echo, both inside and outside an industrial building. The materials are able to absorb sound, rather than letting it echo, which is better for noise elimination.

Sound barriers are necessary because excess or loud noise in the workplace causes many problems. Some of the problems caused by excess industrial noise are:

  • Distraction
  • Ear Injury
  • Damage to Other Machinery
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Decreased Work Performance
  • Decreased Communication

Using sound barrier walls outside your workplace is the best way to reduce industrial noise inside your workplace.

Sound barrier walls can reduce sound for HVAC mechanical equipment, car washes, highways, generators, transformers, and much more. The sound barriers are normally placed between a noise source and a target area. Barriers can be one-sided or two-sided and can even be soundproof for the best noise control possible.

For the best outdoor sound barrier panels, consider buying from IES2000. IES2000 specializes in outdoor acoustic barrier walls that create a “sound shadow” zone of quiet for almost any indoor or outdoor space. Absorptive noise control barriers and outdoor soundproof panels provide maximum noise reduction with lightweight modular panels. The noise barrier system is easy to install and easy to relocate.

Outdoor soundproof panels are constructed of galvanized steel or aluminum and finish painted in a weather-resistant, polyester powder-coating. The finish is also graffiti resistant and cleanable. Our acoustic sound barrier wall design services include layout, structural steel support framework, foundation design (for ground-level barriers), access doors, and certified calculations including P.E. or S.E. stamp.

Our sound barrier walls are lightweight, making them easy to move, and allow for horizontal or vertical installation. They have tough exterior finishes that can resist chemicals, harsh cleaners, and minimize water penetration. You can also choose from a large selection of colors to match your business’s design. Our sound barrier walls are the best solution to your noise control problems.

To start customizing your outdoor sound barrier walls, visit our website and view our product pages. Then, you can reach out to us for a quote. Contact us today for more information!