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Our lines of vent silencers, blow-down silencers and louvers are ideal when noise suppression is needed for:

  • Natural gas blow downs
  • Compressor and steam boiler blow offs
  • Start-gas and process vents
  • Steam ejectors
  • The intake and exhaust of internal combustion engines. This includes intake filters, filter silencers, and a wide range of exhaust silencers for naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines.
  • Venting of high pressure gas into the atmosphere. We custom engineer each system based on your needs and specifications.
  • Gas turbine exhaust.  Our gas turbine silencers are engineered for the unique qualities of a gas turbine exhaust. Years of experience have provided us the expertise required to handle the high temperature and low pressure drop requirements of gas turbines.

For specific or custom Silencers and Louvers please Contact Us.