Air duct noise silencers are designed to provide maximum noise reduction that can be obtained in a short depth. HVAC duct silencers are used in installations such as mechanical equipment, fresh air intakes for ventilation systems, processing air intakes, and cooling tower inlets, exhausts, among others. Constructed with high architectural standards, our louvers are available in 54 different sizes. The vent noise silencers provide a wide range of acoustical-performance and pressure-drop requirements.

Our HVAC silencers, Air duct noise silencers and louvers can be combined with acoustic casing or screens. They are ideal for situations that need low levels of air resistance, high degrees of sound reduction, and have a limited installation depth. In addition, the design of our louvers is discrete and abstract, meaning you can integrate them into any architecture. We also have a wide range of versions of HVAC duct silencers, Vent noise silencers and Air duct noise silencers with several finishes available. You can also coat them with your preferred RAL color.

Applications of Silencers and Louvers

Our silencers and louvers are applied in different processes and situations including:

  • The intake and exhaustion of internal combustion engines.
  • Venting of high-pressure gasses into the atmosphere.
  • Natural gas blowdowns.
  • Process vents and start-gas.
  • Our louvers are used in gas turbine exhaust.
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