IES-2000 provides industrial noise control & reduction solutions for excessive sound and vibrations in facilities across the manufacturing spectrum. Our industrial noise reduction products have a proven track record of success, meeting customer defined goals in industries including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Lumber
  • Chemical processing
  • Plastics assembly

Our noise control Products and Their Uses

We offer a wide range of industrial noise control products designed to help mitigate harmful room acoustics. All our noise reduction products include customization capabilities that ensure customers find an exact fit for their needs.

Our offerings include:

  • Acoustic blankets and rolls: These quilted fiberglass noise control products act as acoustic liners or sound-absorption panels on industrial surfaces, which help reduce sound wave reflection and reverberant noise energy within buildings, rooms, and pieces of equipment.
  • Acoustic foams: These noise reduction products are made from materials such as composites, melamine, and polyurethane and provide high transmission loss, noise reduction, and noise damping in a variety of applications.
  • Ceiling baffles: Facilities can reduce sound reverberations up to 10 dB by installing lightweight, self-supporting baffles in rows two to three feet apart from each other, resulting in an optimal acoustic environment.
  • Curtains for enclosures: Our acoustic curtains reduce sound wave reflections and reverberent noise energy in indoor and outdoor applications as well as within equipment.
  • Curtains for industrial and flexible barriers: We build ABA and BA acoustical curtains for use in active construction sites and other loud outdoor environments.
  • Damping sheets and compounds: These self-adhesive pads assist with sound and vibration damping on metal panels in applications including buses, railroad cars, ships, generator enclosures, and hoppers, especially when these applications require superior flame- and smoke-resistant materials.
  • Duct lagging: Facility managers can wrap this product around pipes and ducts to help block noise created by the pipes’ contents as well as to provide thermal insulation.
  • Modular enclosures for systems and walls: Modular enclosures provide noise reduction on the go, and our engineers can easily install, move, or reconfigure them as needed within your facility.
  • OEM enclosures: We design OEM enclosures for large facilities that ensure that their products meet required noise levels without sacrificing aesthetics, access, or equipment functionality.
  • Silencers and louvers: We offer vent silencers, blow-down silencers, and louvers ideal for natural gas blow downs, compressor and steam boiler blow offs, start-gas and process vents, steam ejectors, intake and exhaust pipes of internal combustion engines, and other applications.

We also provide engineering services to support design, manufacture and installation of our industrial noise control and noise reduction products. Our engineers can also provide noise control solutions for a broad range of industrial and HVAC applications.

IES-2000 is an industry-leading provider of noise-reduction products for manufacturers of all types. If you would like to learn more about our industrial noise reduction solutions, contact us today.