When it comes to soundproofing, there are various techniques to soundproof doors and windows. Soundproofing your business has many benefits, such as increasing productivity, reducing stress levels, increasing property value, and comfortability. However, you must first choose a technique and apply it to your doors and windows. What are some of the ways you can soundproof your doors and windows?


Various techniques to create acoustical windows include:

  • Replacing window glass with noise-reduction glass
  • Additional glazing
  • Install factory-assembled acoustical windows

If you choose to only replace the glass of your window, you will see a reduction of noise, but not a complete reduction. It is better to completely replace window frames and the glass, and even better if you choose factory-assembled acoustical windows. Acoustical windows are assembled at the factory, and all you have to do is install them. IES2000 acoustical windows are manufactured by noise control specialists in the US. We have fixed-frame and split-frame windows that allow for easy installation in many business facilities.

Some of the features of IES2000’s acoustical windows are:

  • Completely factory-assembled
  • Easy and fast on-site installation
  • Proven laboratory and field performance
  • Flexibility in size and configurations

Soundproofing a window can be easy with the right company!


Various techniques to create soundproof doors include:

  • Acoustic sealant on cracks and gaps
  • Door gaskets
  • Thick curtains
  • Install factory-assembled acoustic doors

When soundproofing a door, you should first check for gaps and cracks in the door and the doorframe. If you determine it can be soundproofed easily with acoustic sealant, be sure to scrape off the old sealant and replace with a new sealant. You can also use door gaskets, which also seal gaps at the doorjamb and top of your door. One final thing you can try are thick curtains. However, all of these solutions may not completely dampen sound.

The best way to soundproof your doors is by replacing them with acoustic doors. IES2000 has acoustic doors that are factory-assembled and can be installed on-site. Our acoustic doors are manufactured by noise control specialists in the US and allow for easy installation.

Some of the features of the Acoustic-Door system are:

  • Completely factory assembled
  • Easy and fast on-site installation
  • Proven laboratory and field performance
  • Flexibility in size, configurations, and veneers

Replacing your current doors with soundproof doors doesn’t have to be hard. IES2000 is here to make your job easier.

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Now that you know some of the techniques to soundproof doors and windows, you can decide how to do the job. If you decide you want to hire someone, contact IES2000 today!

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