Are you having a hard time focusing at work or school due to excess noise? If so, you may need to minimize interior noise to achieve sound isolation. There are a few ways to achieve sound isolation. You can use fiberglass sound insulation, acoustic barrier curtains, or sound insulation blankets.

Fiberglass sound insulation is created by attaching quilted fiberglass panels to any surface. They are typically hung on walls to dampen noises inside the building. These panels reduce the reflection of soundwaves by adding soft, open-celled materials to any environment.

Before investing in fiberglass sound insulation, you need to know what thickness and facing you need for noise dampening. This will make any room quieter, helping to achieve sound isolation.

At IES2000, Inc., we have quilted fiberglass panels that act as a sound insulation blanket. They are high-performance, fire-safe, and durable. They can be used to reduce reverberant noise and are an excellent alternative to urethane foams. Our fiberglass sound insulation is Class A fire-rated and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

The best part of our quilted fiberglass panels is they are easy to clean! They are unaffected by oils, dirt, dust, humidity, moisture, and most chemicals.

Our acoustic barrier curtain (ABA) is a non-reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. A variety of facings are available, including our standard industrial grade vinyl facing, an economy scrim facing, and a silicone facing for high temperature or outdoor applications.

Acoustic barrier curtains are made with quilted fiberglass panels. They are typically constructed with grommets across the top and mating hook-and-loop closures on the vertical edges. Rolls measuring 4′ x 25′ are available with edges bound or unbound. All products have a Class A flammability rating (per ASTM E-84).

The acoustic barrier curtain can be used in many ways, including:

  • Lining the perimeter of a building
  • As a divider wall
  • Use anywhere a decoupler, barrier, or absorber is required
  • Create sound isolation in separate areas of a room

Our quilted barrier curtain includes vinyl facings in white, tan, gray, or black. The curtains come in diamond patterns or straight-stitch patterns.

Composites offer maximum noise reduction on any application by combining sound absorption and noise barrier materials. These composites are available in a barrier-backed or barrier septum configuration.

IES2000, Inc. uses a variety of quilted fiberglass panels and flexible noise barriers to absorb excess sound. Acoustic barrier curtains are supplied as roll goods, finished panels, enclosure systems, acoustical jackets, and die-cut pieces.

Whatever you decide to do to create better sound isolation in your building, IES2000, Inc. is here to help you! You can contact us today to learn more about our fiberglass sound insulation products.

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