When you are designing your business, one of the most important things you should consider is industrial soundproofing. While soundproofing may not seem as important as the way your business looks, it directly affects your work environment and other facility operations. Soundproof enclosures allow employees and customers to hear each other better, which makes communication easier.

Industrial soundproofing methods vary depending on the space you are trying to soundproof. Large warehouse spaces, for example, will require more soundproofing than a concert hall. What works for some spaces doesn’t work as well for others.

What are the Benefits of Industrial Soundproofing?

There are many benefits to industrial soundproofing. Some benefits include:

  • Peace of mind for employees
  • Noise is kept at a comfortable level
  • Improves productivity levels
  • Better overall workspace satisfaction
  • Keeps building up to code
  • Decreases health concerns associated with noise pollution

Now that you are aware of what industrial soundproofing can do, let’s discuss some products available to soundproof your space.

Acoustical Soundproof Enclosures

IES2000, Inc. offers acoustical soundproof enclosures for many different noise reduction applications. Our applications are described below.

Machinery Enclosures

Many industrial machineries produce a lot of noise while operating. Our industrial soundproof enclosures prevent noise from transmitting to other areas of the building.

Printing Plant Quiet Rooms

Printing plants utilize a high-volume printing operation that results in high levels of noise. The sound can be very distracting to employees working nearby. Our industrial sound enclosures will help absorb the noise produced by these operations.

HVAC Noise Control

Our soundproof enclosures are the best option for HVAC noise control. They dampen acoustic vibration and reduce the transmission of noise through modular systems. Materials like flat acoustic foam and duct silencers are used to achieve a soundproof enclosure.

Test Cells

If you need to achieve a specific type of sound propagation in a test cell, our soundproof acoustic enclosures are the perfect choice for soundproofing.

Our modular systems are easy and quick to install, reconfigure, and move. They are fabricated with 18-gauge G90 galvanized steel on the outer shell, 16-gauge on the inner shell. Sandwiched between the shells is mineral-glass fiber acoustic/thermal fill. We guarantee high-quality acoustic performance every time. We use standard components to create custom soundproofing solutions. When you buy one of our systems, there will be no construction mess for you to clean up. You can also write soundproof enclosures off during tax season. These enclosures are an investment, not a one-time use product.

At IES2000, we have a team of noise control specialists and support personnel available to assist you. Our team will help you design your soundproof enclosures and help you with installation. Contact us today for a price!

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