Acoustical Enclosures – Modular Systems

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The IES-2000, Inc. modular system:

  • Guaranteed acoustical performance (single source responsibility)
  • Easy and quick to install, move or reconfigure
  • Standard components-custom solutions
  • No construction mess
  • Tax benefits

IES-2000, Inc. technical support personnel and representatives have the experience necessary to assist you in the design, supply and installation of your noise control solution. Submittal packages include drawings and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to allow your personnel to install any modular system. We can also offer professional installation service or supervision of your crew.


  • Unlimited size, design and features
  • Multiple panel types to meet your specific requirements
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Electric posts available for outlets and switches


  • Single leaf and double leaf doors
  • Sliding doors, pocket doors and bi-fold doors available
  • Hinged and removable access plugs
  • Removable panels
  • Single glazed or double glazed windows

Modular System:

  • Can be used as a barrier wall
  • Can be used as a two- or three-sided enclosure tied into existing building walls
  • Can be used as a four- sided enclosure
  • All design configurations available with or without roof
  • System flexibility permits angled walls
  • Isolated floors are available
  • Silenced ventilation systems are designed to meet your specific requirement
  • Enclosures can be relocated or reconfigured at a later date
  • Pre-engineered modular system “kit” includes all components necessary to complete your noise control solution
  • All materials are non-combustiblePanels and connectors are constructed of A60 “paint- ready” Galvanneal steelG90 spangled galvanized construction is available
  • Prime painting or finish polyester powder coat paint available in a wide selection of color
  • Modular Solutions to Noise Problems
  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Test Cells
  • Printing Plant Quiet Rooms
  • Barrier Walls
  • Quality Control Test Areas
  • Thermal Spray Rooms
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine Rooms
  • Process Enclosures
  • Factory Offices
  • Control Rooms
  • Power Plant Offices
  • Guard Houses
  • Quiet Rooms-Single or Double Wall
  • HVAC Plenums
  • Blower Enclosures
  • Compressor Enclosures
  • Recording Studios
  • Broadcasting Facilities
  • Educational Study Centers
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Voice Isolation Booths
  • Audiometric Test Rooms
  • Hearing or Speech Test Centers

Acoustical Enclosures - Tongue and Groove Systems

IES2000 standard Acoustical/Thermal Panels are fabricated with an 18 gauge G90 galvanized solid steel outer skin, and 16 gauge galvanized solid steel channel frames filled with mineral-glass fiber acoustic/thermal fill.


  • Tongue & Groove
  • Mylar, Polyethylene, or Fiberglass Cloth Lining
  • Framed Cutouts/Openings
  • Primer or Finish Paint
  • Different Gauge Construction
  • Different Material Construction; i.e. Stainless Steel
  • Special Configurations: Perf/Perf, Solid/Solid, Perf/Solid/Perf
  • Different Insulation Materials and Densities

Panels are protected by an inner skin of 22 gauge G90 galvanized perforated steel sheet with 23% open area (3/32″ holes on 3/16″ staggered centers). Available with various insulation materials, densities and gauge construction.

Acoustical Enclosures - Tongue and Groove Systems

Acoustical Performance - Standard Construction

Transmission Loss - ASTM E90-81
ProductOctave Band Center Frequencies (Hz)
1252505001K2K4K NRC
2 1/4" Panel (TL in dB)222940 4854 6041
4 1/4" Panel (TL in dB)212435 4352 5737

Sound Absorption Coefficients - ANSI C243 - 81A and E795
Product1/3 Octave Band Center Frequencies (Hz)
1252505001K2K4K NRC
2 1/4" Panel (TL in dB)0.310.821.19 1.12
4 1/4" Panel (TL in dB)0.861.091.22 1.06

All acoustical test were performed and reported by an Independent Accredited Acoustical Laboratory. Copies of the test reports can be furnished upon request.

Curtain Enclosures

IES 2000’s acoustical curtains are used to decrease the reflection of sound waves within a piece of equipment, a room, or a building. Our curtains provide control for a whole host of outdoor applications as well. A variety of facings are available including our standard industrial grade vinyl facing, and a silicone facing for high temperature or outdoor applications. Curtain panels are typically constructed with grommets across the top.

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Acoustic Outdoor Barrier Walls

Ground Mounted or Rooftop Applications. For any place noise is a problem, Acousti-Barrier is the solution.

  • HVAC Mechanical Equipment
  • Salvage Yards
  • Loading Docks
  • Power Plants
  • Rail Yards
  • Highways
  • Generators
  • Carwashes
  • Transformers
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Barrier Walls are normally used to place a sound barrier between a noise source and a target population. This barrier creates a “sound shadow” zone of quiet that can be tailored to cover almost any size area either indoors or out. When you contact IES-2000, Inc., we work with you from beginning to end. Our goal isn’t to sell you equipment; it’s to create a solution for your particular problem. We’ll help design your barrier from the ground up to protect your particular environment at the lowest cost possible. Whether you need to protect an entire neighborhood or just a portion of one building, IES-2000, Inc. has a solution for you. Regardless of the size of your job, we have the right mix of one-sided or two-sided, sound absorbing or reflecting materials, to reduce noise levels without breaking your budget. Absorptive noise control barriers provide maximum noise reduction with lightweight modular panels and/or louvers. The noise barrier system is easy to install and easy to relocate. Panels and louvers are constructed of galvanized steel or aluminum and finish painted in a weather resistant polyester powder coating. The finish is also graffiti resistant and cleanable. An existing wall can be lined with Acousti – Barrier sound-absorbing cladding panels as an effective, cost-efficient method of reducing reflected sound. Our design services include layout, structural steel support framework, foundation design (for ground level barriers), access doors and certified calculations including P.E. or S.E. stamp. Perfect for new construction or retrofit to an existing structure. Download Product Brochure


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Unlimited color selection
  • Galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Free Standing or Elevated Construction
  • Two, four, or five-inch thicknesses
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Maximum flexibility of design and utility on the ground or on the rooftop
  • One– or two-sided sound absorption
  • Self-draining
  • Maximum acoustical performance
  • All products tested (STC 37 above, NRC 0.95 above)10 year warranty Weather resistant
  • Perfect for retrofit installation to solve existing noise problems.
  • Low-weight construction ideal for roof or bridge mounted applications
  • Designed to withstand high wind loads
  • Barrier modules are designed and built to minimize water invasion
  • Panels resist “wicking” moisture through the bottom and are self-draining
  • Exterior finishes resist harsh cleaners, common chemicals, and salt exposure
  • Poly powder coating
  • Graffiti resistant

OEM Enclosures

OEM Products: IES-2000, Inc. has the ability to design solutions for OEMs utilizing a variety of different products to ensure that their products will meet the required noise levels and maintain the aesthetics, access and functionality of the equipment for the end user. IES-2000 has designed a variety of solutions from full enclosures, lining vehicle cabs and compartments, custom wraps. IES-2000, Inc. has the ability to provide turnkey solutions to OEM’s which includes initial design, acoustical engineering, prototyping, and installation. There are many different products that can be utilized to solve OEM’s noise control issues; acoustical foam, acoustical curtains, hard panel enclosures, dampening sheets or compounds, and silencers.

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Acoustic Curtains - Heavy Duty Outdoor Sound Curtains

Our Outdoor Sound Curtains can be used for both active Construction Sites and for many different Community Noise situations. They can be used in conjunction with a chain link fence to surround a noisy area or to line a noisy building, and at IES-2000, we can design a solution to meet your design specifications. The barrier-backed configuration offers the benefits of both sound absorption and noise barrier products in one on outdoor applications. A cost saving non-reinforced 1-LB psf loaded vinyl barrier is bonded to a 2″ thick exterior grade vinyl-coated-polyester faced quilted fiberglass absorber. These economic modular sound curtains are typically constructed with grommets across the top and bottom and exterior grade Velcro seals along the vertical edges.

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Construction Site Products:

Industrial composite products can be used to reduce the noise transmitting from the construction site to surrounding areas. They can be used in conjunction with pre-cast concrete highway barriers, hung from an overhead highway or supplied with a “hoistable” frame to quiet jack hammer operations. Alternately, Industrial Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers can be attached to temporary plywood walls.

Community Noise Projects:

Industrial noise control products have been used to reduce community noise from gas compressor stations, truck distribution centers, skateboard parks, amphitheaters, even commercial and residential air conditioners. IES-2000 has a full line of products that are designed to withstand the effect of UV rays to offer long term, outdoor noise control solutions.


  • 2″ VCP faced quilted fiberglass
  • Bonded to a 1 LB/SF non-reinforced loaded vinyl barrier
  • Available facing colors on quilt: gray, tan or black
  • Barrier color: black, tan, gray
  • Offered with a UV resistant facing
  • Nominal thickness: 2.0″
  • Temperature range -20° to +180° F
  • Standard Panel 54″ Wide
  • Weight: 1.45 lb sf
  • Temperature range -20° to +180° F
  • Standard Panel 54″ Wide
  • Weight: 1.45 lb sf
  • Modular panels designed to mate together
  • Lower noise levels to neighborhoods
  • Reusable and Easy to install
  • STC Rating: 32 / NRC Rating: 0.85


Typically used as an economic Sound Curtain on temporary construction projects, offering a 3-5 year life span. The exterior grade VCP facing is specifically formulated for outdoor applications. Composite products offer maximum noise reduction by both blocking and absorbing noise at job sites. Also available with a two-pound psf barrier or a one-inch thick quilted fiberglass absorber.

Acoustical Data:

Sound Transmission Loss (dB) Octave and Center Frequencies (Hz) - ASTM E-90 & E 413

Sound Absorption Data-Absorber Component Random Incident Sound Absorption - ASTM C 423
 Octave Band Center Frequencies (Hz)


Sound Curtain Tech Data Sheets – Outdoor Temporary Applications:

BBC-13x2" BBC-13X BBC-13x-2LB-2" BBC-EXT-N-2" BBC-EXT-N
1# PSF1# PSF2# PSF1# PSF1# PSF
2" Thick1" Thick2" Thick2" Thick1" Thick
Vinyl Faced QuiltedVinyl Faced QuiltedVinyl Faced QuiltedExterior Grade QuiltedExterior Grade Quilted
STC 32STC 27STC 37STC 32STC 27
NRC .85NRC .70NRC .85NRC .85NRC .70


Sound Curtain Tech Data Sheets – Outdoor permanent Applications:

1# PSF1# PSF2# PSF2# PSF2# PSF
2" Thick1" Thick2" Thick1" Thick2" Thick
Exterior Grade QuiltedExterior Grade QuiltedExterior Grade QuiltedExterior Grade QuiltedExterior Grade Quilted
Gore Tenara ThreadGore Tenara ThreadGore Tenara ThreadGore Tenara ThreadGore Tenara Thread
STC 33STC 29STC 38STC 38STC 21
NRC .75NRC .65NRC .75NRC .65NRC .75