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Acoustical Enclosures

We can design, supply and provide installation of Modular Enclosures for your noise control solutions.

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Acoustic Windows

All IES2000 acoustical windows are manufactured by noise control specialists in the United States.

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Acoustic Doors

Our IES2000 noise control doors are all manufactured to meet your exact needs and applications.

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Wall & Fabric Panels

Wall Panels are the ideal solution for new construction or renovation in spaces with reverberant noise problems.

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Curtains Enclosures

Reduce the reflection of sound waves or reverberant noise energy indoors or out.

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Acoustic Foam

Composite Foam, Melamine Foam and Polyurethane Foam available for a variety of noise control solutions.

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Ceiling Baffles can be the solution for any large space that has reverberation problems.

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Outdoor Acoustics

Our modular panels can be used for short-term or temporary outdoor applications.

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"America's Total Noise Control Company"

IES 2000 is a nation wide organization with the capabilities of solving all of your Noise and Sound Problems. Our years of experience in sound abatement, applications engineering, and thorough knowledge of nationally recognized product lines allows us to select the ideal products to provide a customized noise control solution for you. IES 2000 is a nationwide organization with over 20 years experience in supplying products for the "do-it-yourself" job to acoustical engineering as well as complex turn-key projects.


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