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  1. A Guide to Choosing the Right Sound Barrier

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    A cost-effective and efficient solution to reduce noises is through a sound barrier blanket. These quilted fiberglass panel solutions are flexible in their usage and are increasingly popular amongst many construction companies. While there is no one solution for every circumstance, there are different types of sound-blocking blankets. Some tend to produce better results than others.

    Defining Outdoor Sound Blankets

    Sound blankets that are utilized outdoors are weather resistant and built to block out noise. The sound panels are used to decrease the sound of equipment and construction equipment. Construction sound blankets are the perfect way to follow through with noise ordinances. Outdoor sound blankets are durable and highly effective. The panels can easily withstand high-intensity wind, temperature variations, and even high UV exposure. The flexible design of the panels allows for a highly supportive structure and frames. Outdoor blankets can either be a temporary or long-term solution.

    What to Search For

    When determining the best outdoor sound blanket fit, there are a few items to check off your list. These items include noise reduction coefficient rating and sound transmission class. Other requirements to look into are temperature range and weather resistance.

    1. Noise Reduction Coefficient

    When it comes to shopping around for sound blankets, there are a few requirements to be aware of. Knowing the noise reduction coefficient rating can allow you to determine how it will operate outdoors. The thicker the blanket and the higher the rating, the better it will be.

    2. Sound Transmission Class

    Along with the noise reduction coefficient factor, it is essential to note the sound transmission class rating. This reading measures the amount of noise that can be reduced within a product. It measures transmission loss and the amount of sound to transfer through a barrier. Sound frequency is read through Hertz measurements. The higher the sound transmission class rating the better it will be.

    3. Temperature and Resistance

    While picking an outdoor blanket, you will of course want to ensure that it comes with weather durability. Since these blankets will be outside during different weather conditions, it is essential to know they can withstand the harshest conditions. From high heat to low temperatures, is the blanket weather resistant? Since these blankets are reusable, they are also a cost-effective solution.

    Choosing IES-2000

    If you are in search of a quilted fiberglass absorber, look no further than IES-2000. At IES-2000, sound absorption blankets drastically reduce the reflection of sound waves. The thickness allows for noise to not completely transfer to the other side. IES-2000 offers high-quality fiberglass sound insulation solutions. Appearing in different thicknesses and appearances, get what you need when choosing IES-2000. For more information, contact IES-2000 today.

  2. Sound Proofing VS. Sound Absorption

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    When it comes to eliminating sound, there are a few factors that go into the process. Sound can mold its way into its surroundings and can be absorbed by the material and even controlled. If you are seeking to fix a noise issue in your warehouse, store, or business center, it is common to instantly search for soundproofing and sound absorption solutions. Materials used to prevent sound include quilted fiberglass panels. However, when looking into ways to eliminate sound, it is essential to know the difference between sound absorption and soundproofing.

    The Difference Between Soundproofing and Sound Absorption

    If you are searching for ways to remove sound from rooms or businesses completely, it is important to know the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption. The key difference between both solutions is one works to block sound and the other to absorb a room’s echo. Once you know what service will best benefit your space, it will be determined what solutions will be best. Construction sound blankets can assist in reducing sound waves and other noises.

    Defining Soundproofing

    Soundproofing is a professionally advanced way to prevent noise. The material used minimizes sound from entering and leaving a space. There is a multitude of soundproofing materials and services that IES-200 can assist in mitigating. If you are looking to prevent noise from entering your home, businesses, or other spaces, IES-200 has you covered. Soundproofing is ideal for blocking noise. However, soundproof material does not help completely block sound from moving around.

    Defining Sound Absorption

    Sound absorbing are soft and light materials that assist in softening up a room’s surface and reducing echoes. With sound absorption, a sound barrier blanket is inserted to help control noise Most businesses can find themselves seeking sound absorption benefits but end up with soundproofing solutions. That is why hiring professionals for a consultation is vital.

    Choosing Between Soundproofing and Sound Absorption

    Since soundproofing helps prevent noise from entering or exiting a room, and sound absorption works to reduce sound waves and echoes, it is necessary to know the best option for you. Think of it this way, do you want to avoid hearing the outside traffic, or do you want to avoid hearing collision of materials?

    Hiring Professionals

    Determining what services your space would most benefit from can be tricky. That is why hiring professional services can assist in providing support and guidance. At IES-2000, we assist in soundproofing and sound absorption services. We use quilted fiberglass absorbers to reduce sound waves by adding a fort open-celled material to all environments. Our sound barrier blankets consist of thick fiberglass that help reduce sound waves and noise energy in a room or building. For more information, contact us today.