When people desire to eliminate noise from traveling indoors or outdoors, the first thought can be to replace windows with a noise-efficient option. However, this can be tricky if not all options are thoroughly examined. Sound can be heard through nearly every window that provides a weak area. To eliminate sound, and create sound control windows, a barrier must occur.

Sound Transmission

As mentioned, windows have a way of transmitting sound. This creates issues for the interior and exterior of a building. For example, a club would want to ensure that noise is kept from traveling to neighbors. Likewise, a recording studio will want to ensure noise is not traveling inside. Noise control solutions such as acoustical glass doors and windows can easily create a noise barrier. To create a noise barrier for windows, multiple layers can be utilized to increase the efficiency of noise reduction.

Design for Noise Control

With the proper window framing, the transmission of energy can be greatly reduced. The use of layering can also create a successful solution. When creating noise control solutions, engineers tend to use Sealed Triple Glazing or STC values. Other values used are Sealed Double Glazing and Sealed Single Glazing. All these values are used depending on what needs to be utilized. With that being said, these values further ensure that a noise control barrier is successfully created. When effectively used, a successful product can be crafted.

Acoustical Windows

When in search of a noise barrier for windows, IES-2000 can assist. Noise control barriers for windows are manufactured and catered uniquely according to every need. Why allow for noise to continue disturbing the interior and exterior of a building? IES-2000 can assist with granting a factory assembled noise control window system.

Acoustical Doors

Acoustical sliding doors and acoustical glass doors are one way to control noise. Acoustical sliding doors are assembled in a factory including the installation of magnetic seals. The noise control doors offered at IES-2000 leave the factory ready to install and use. Specialists in the United States create the doors using specific values as mentioned above. The demand for acoustical doors is high in the country, especially in industrial settings. Acoustical glass doors at IES-2000 are easy to install, flexible, and have high laboratory and field performance.

Why Choose IES-2000?

When in search of a noise control barrier, experts at IES-2000 can assist. Experts can help with drawings for production, test data, and step by step installation instructions. Acoustical solutions by IES-2000 are ideal for convention halls, auditoriums, music practice rooms, concert halls, conference rooms, schools, control rooms, and more. What are you waiting for? For more information about services offered by IES-2000 contact them today.

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