There is a wide range of activities in industrial facilities that generate noise pollution. From production, to processing and manufacturing, there are tons of machines playing a part. As a result, the noise generated can be unbearable to not only workers but also outsiders. Lowering the level of noise pollution is another challenge of its own. From startup to mega-companies, none of them finds it easy to regulate noise disturbances.

Thankfully, reducing noise pollution isn’t impossible, with options such as outdoor soundproof panels, it’s possible to contain industrial noise pollution. Therefore, if you want to keep outdoor sound where it belongs, read on:

Develop soundproof enclosures

Reducing noise pollution starts with developing soundproof enclosures. These enclosures are meant to contain the noise within its source by creating a soundproof barrier. As a result, the rest of the neighborhood or facility will be free from unbearable machine noises. With so many ways to accomplish this, going astray in your choice for an acoustic solution is possible.
Also, whichever options you choose, whether it’s Outdoor sound barrier panels or any other, materials matters. Oftentimes, dense or massive material is needed. But that’s not all, it must also contain higher sound absorbent properties.

For best result, consider the following materials for soundproof barriers

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

This material is best for composite structures where the mass of the acoustic barrier is essential in reducing sound transmission. But even so, MLV comes in a compact form that makes it easy to not only install but also transport.

Furthermore, the form of MLV makes it flexible for various applications. So, whether you are building an outdoor sound barrier or an indoor one, it’s best for both occasions. It’s toxin-free and the best option if you don’t want to avoid lead materials.

  • Composite Foam

Composite acoustic foam is the best for containing industrial noises within its source. That said, it’s the best option for acoustic enclosures. But that’s not all, you need it for dampening sound transmission, vibration, and enhancing noise absorption.

  • Cloudscape Sound Barrier

There are times when an area that needs soundproof is too big for expensive acoustic solutions. And this is where the cloudscape sound barrier comes in. It provides the needed sound barrier at an affordable rate. They are effective at absorbing sound echo and preventing the escape of noise from the source. As such, it’s the best when it comes to economic ways of containing outdoor sound.

  • Fiberglass Blankets

Whether it is double or single configuration, fiberglass blankets are best for mechanical sound absorption. You can use it for sound enclosures or in adding more sound barriers to a material.

Finally, do you need help mounting or installing soundproof material to keep outdoor sound where it belongs? Contact IES-2000. They are best in offering this sort of service without hurting your budget. Also, they accommodate all sizes of projects to ensure all potential clients are serviced.

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