When it comes to generators, air compressors, and other machinery used in industrial environments, there is a lot of noise that is released. To avoid noise, there are attempts to prevent disruptive sound from within an area. Enclosures are intended to stop and trap sound waves to prevent disruption from the environment. However, regular enclosures are not as effective as many may believe. Acoustic enclosures assist in blocking sound waves. Without proper sound proof enclosures, areas can be improperly sealed which can increase noise rather than reduce it.

Defining Acoustical Enclosures

Acoustical enclosures include ceiling and wall panels, windows, doors, and more. These enclosures assist in providing noise control solutions and are reliable. At IES-2000, noise control specialists can assist in the supply, design, and installation of noise control enclosures.

Are Sheet Metal Sound Enclosures Enough?

While some sound enclosures are constructed from sheet metal, that is not enough to deflect every bit of sound waves. The material that is intended to create a barrier is essential to note. Without the proper acoustic materials, sound waves will not be absorbed properly.

Sound Enclosures Reduce Noise

With the proper acoustic absorber, noise control solutions are successful. With acoustic barriers and absorber materials, the sound reduction is greater than traditional acoustic barriers.

Sound Proof Applications

Multiple applications can be used for noise control solutions. These applications include machinery enclosures. Industrial machines tend to create a lot of noise when they are on. Soundproof enclosures prevent noises from transmitting from one area to the next. Instead, the sound is absorbed. Printing plants are another application. These involve a high amount of printing operation that creates increased sound levels. As a result, these sounds can be disruptive, especially to surrounding areas. Using noise absorption solutions can fix this.

Another popular application to soundproofing areas is HVAC systems. Acoustical enclosures are reliable for noisy HVAC systems. Reducing the transmission of noise within air ducts can increase productivity. When it comes to an application like test cells, minimum sound transmission is needed from the inner to outer sides of a test room.

Why IES-2000?

At IES-2000, acoustical enclosure services are offered. The enclosures can provide a range of acoustical performance, are easy and quick to install, and create no mess from installation. Technical support personnel at IES-2000 assist in the design, supply, and installation. IES-2000 offers flexibility with enclosures. From unlimited size, design, and features to interior to exterior use, the enclosures are accessible. IES-2000 also offers removable panels, hinged and removable access plugs, single leaf and double-leaf doors, and more. The modular system provided by IES-2000 can be used as a barrier wall with isolated floors being available. For more information, contact IES-2000 today.

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