Air conditioners are loved appliances, especially during summer. However, it is common for air conditioning systems to create noise if they are aged. If you live or work in an older building, then an air conditioner noise can create loud popping noises while starting up before releasing more noise as it runs. When a system is creating noise, there are simple ways to alleviate the problem. Vent noise silencers assist in canceling out the nosiness of older air conditioner systems or HVAC systems.

Is Air Duct Noise Common?

When air ducts are older, it is common for them to make a variety of noises, such as clicks, buzzing, booms, and more. This occurs when an air conditioner system is turned on, and the air begins to move. The noises are not removed simply by cleaning an air duct, as this can cause sounds to amplify since the dust has been removed. However, even when not cleaned, air ducts can also create noise.

Reasons for air duct noises are delayed ignition and more. To determine the reason behind loud air ducts, they must be identified by a professional that can present an effective solution. Air duct size and size can also assist in loud noises. Round air ducts are perfect for air pressure while angled air ducts cause more noise. High occupancy residential ductwork tends to be more susceptible to noise and duct expansion since it is made with thin material.

Loud noises from air ducts can cause a rise in concern. However, there is no need to be alarmed as it is common for air ducts to start making noise without any other signs of malfunctions. When you notice your air duct is making loud noises, seek to fix it immediately to avoid disruption.

Air Duct Noise Silencer

Also known as sound traps and mufflers, air duct noise silencers can assist in controlling noise within ducts or from loud equipment. Through the assistance of air duct noise silences, HVAC systems are prevented from creating noise and sending it elsewhere. HVAC duct silencers are installed in spaces close to where noise is generated, such as ventilation ductwork that includes equipment of fans, air flow regulators, and more.

Duct Silencers

For different HVAC systems, there are different duct silencers. If your air ducts are rectangular, a sound silencer is built off of both non-flammable mineral wool boards and abrasion-resistant fabric to eliminate noise. Circular duct silencers are built up of a circular casing of a spiral duct. The materials are non-flammable and sound attenuating. Flexible duct silencers are easier to install, especially in hard-to-reach places. At IES-2000, a team of trained professionals can assist in providing consultation to determine which air duct silencer is best for your HVAC system. Contact us today for more information.

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