What are noise control blankets and do they actually work? In this article, we will be going into more detail regarding noise control blankets as well as what they are made of and what to look for when selecting these noise control blankets.

Sound Barrier Blankets vs. Noise Blocking Curtains

These sound barrier blankets are of course used to help absorb sound in order to reduce any outside by creating a sound barrier. Often times, sound blankets are also referred to as sound barrier curtains. These particular sound barrier blankets are often suspended from portable frames, floor mounted frames, or attached to a ceiling in order to serve as a dividing wall between machine noise and workers. Quite literally, these sound barrier blankets have been designed to attack the source of any original sound and block the noise from releasing into the room.

With this being said, do these noise blocking blankets actually work? If so, how do they work?
Construction sound blankets and sound barrier curtains block noise like sandbags block flooding water. The blankets are dense, weighted to combat sound waves from passing through the material. In addition to the density, the core padding fiberglass combines to also absorb the energy that the core density is blocking. This makes the sound blanket a hybrid product, allowing them the ability to “block” directional noise as well as “absorb” reflected sound waves. These construction sound blankets are used to combat exposure to machine noise in most any industrial, commercial or residential application.

Quilted Fiberglass Panel

Quilted Fiberglass Panel absorbers are used to help reduce the reflection of sound waves by adding soft, open-celled materials to any environment.

What to look for when selecting a noise control blanket

  • Moisture
  • STC Values
  • NRC Values

How else to use a noise control blanket

Noise control blankets can. be used in a variety of different ways. For example, they can be custom sized to fit meaning they can be used as a window cover. In addition to this, these noise control blankets can also be cut to fit as a door cover.

Where to purchase noise control blankets

Our products at IES2000 are high-quality and made to order. Our products feature:

  • Maximum noise reduction by combining sound absorber and noise barrier
  • Sound Absorption Rating to NRC-1.05
  • Transmission Loss Rating to STC-32
  • Offered in two styles with a variety of combinations
  • Acoustical liners, jackets, wraps and panels
  • Available in curtain panels, bound or unbound rolls, custom fabrications or die-cut pieces
  • Flexible composites conform to any shape
  • Fire safe and low smoke emissions

To learn more about noise control blankets or any of our other products, call IES2000 today.

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